My Super Sweet Award

Big thank you Alozade Blog paintdigi, who nominated me for this award.
Paindigi very interesting blog as painting and photography.
I am very fan of  his artistic creations.

One of the great paintings of the artist Alozade


The rules that come with this award are

[1] Show-off the award on your blog (see it above).

[2] Thank the super sweet blogger who nominated you (Thank you Steve).

[3] Answer five super-sweet questions about yourself.

[4] Nominate your favorite super-sweet bloggers.


Here are the 5 questions Lola sent me to answer:

1. Cookies or cakes?

cookies, I like cookies each evening.

2. The chocolate or vanilla?

vanilla, I love the vanilla flavor.

3.favorite treat?

I love the mixture of raisins, oats and chocolate, ymmy

cokies chocolat1

4. When do you crave sweets the most?

When I’m demoralized.

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

I prefer : ruby  .



I ask what price Payel, who has an excellent blog (payeliscooking), with the varied and delicious food
Here are these delicious dishes:

  • Potatoes and Spicy Okra Salad
  • Piri Piri Lamb Curry (Kolkata mangsho Kosha)


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