DISH TRIP 1): Oualidia Oysters


Hello friends

Oualidia is a town in Morocco located on the Atlantic coast between El Jadida and Safi. Oualidia is a charming seaside resort.

If you stop in Oualidia, you will have a great chance of eating excellent local oysters at reasonable prices.
THE Oysters OF OUALIDIA” are very famous as the best in Morocco. All the restaurants in Oualidia, have local oysters on the menu (at about $ 0.6 / piece).





23 thoughts on “DISH TRIP 1): Oualidia Oysters

    1. Welcome:
      Fresh lemon juice is the perfect accompaniment to fish and chicken dishes
      1) question of taste
      2) lemon and vinegar to eliminate the bad odors of the food ex: (chicken, fish, liver, eggs …)
      3) lemon is a natural antioxidant
      4) Lemon cleans the body
      5) Rich in vitamin C and thanks to its natural antioxidants
      6) Accompanied with olive oil, it replaces the vinaigrette in the salad ……

      Sea urchins:

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  1. Bonjour Dishdessert pas trop partisan des huîtres

    Cette nuit je me suis reposé dans mon lit

    Aucun bruit n’est venu me déranger

    j’ai fais un rêve

    Et une personne m’a dis de venir te saluer

    Alors un énorme BONJOUR Pour la semaine

    Profite bien de celle-ci

    Passe un agréable journée

    Bisous amicaux Bernard

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