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I present today Moroccan tea with the method of preparation, Tea is a digestive drink ultimate

The Moroccans created their tea preparation as a drink of taste, And they made this preparation a daily ritual feast

The Moroccans also made tea a way to welcome the guests.
When a guest returns to a Moroccan house, the family (poor or rich) prepares tea quickly to welcome he.

The Moroccans prepare and submit the tea in original tools that are characterized by the Moroccan artisan touch, especially the Teapot and the tray in pure metal or similar metal

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Moroccan Mint Tea


  • ½ liter of water.
  • 1 bunch of fresh mint.
  • 1 tablespoon of green tea.
  • Sugar


  1. Wear one-half liter of water at a boil. In a teapot going on the fire, pour a tablespoon of tea.
  2. Wet it with a boiling water bottle by rotating the teapot. Empty this first water. The operation is used to remove part of the tannin, responsible for the harsh taste of the tea.
  3. Now fill the teapot with the boiling water and simmer for one to two minutes.
  4. On the mint bouquet, take a handful of leaves (remove the stems) and wash them. Introduce them into the teapot, out of the fire (the leaves should not cook or boil, or they would give off a less pleasant scent).
  5. Sucre well, this compensates the bitterness of the tea.

“Possible to replace mint with wild mint, thyme, sage, Mentha pulegium, marjoram”

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My photo with my great father who is specialist of preparation of Moroccan tea


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Moroccan teapot


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The cakes, that serve Moroccans, with tea

MOROCCAN KITCHEN: 1) The Moroccan table rules

MOROCCAN KITCHEN: 2) Moroccan pastry

MOROCCAN KITCHEN: 3)Presentation of dishes



  1. This tea is awesome!) I used to travel to Tunisia and they have basically the same tea. Once, we we’re in the middle of the desert. Wherever you look – you see nothing, but sand and rocks. And we ran out of water. I know, we we’re stupid as hell. But while we were driving the road, we saw a man. He was about 70 years old. Obviously, he was not speaking English. We speak Arabic just a little bit, but we couldn’t understand a single word he was saying. Still, we communicated somehow, and he welcomed us to his … apartment) It was a cave, basically, dug in the ground, which was hard as rock. He lives with his wife and they both welcomed us. The man were showing us different things in that cave (they even had two cats!), while his wife prepared us this tea. They have also served us some bread and olive oil.

    They didn’t know us! We haven’t even shared the same language! We couldn’t speak to each other, but those people were so kind to treat us. And it doesn’t look like the life was easy for then. I was blown away by that experience

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