About me


Khadija, Moroccan professional cook. My blog is for lovers of international cuisine (especially Moroccan and French), with simple and easy methods.

I am pleased to share with you my dishes and my creations in my kitchen, which I produced with great love and pleasure.

Khadija, cuisinière professionnelle marocaine. Mon blog est destiné aux amateurs de la cuisine internationale (surtout marocaine et française), avec des méthodes simples et faciles.

Je suis heureuse de partager avec vous mes plats et mes créations dans ma cuisine, que je produit avec un grand amour et plaisir.

en sheratonEn cuisin aplication 1




grande poisson2


En macaron




  1. so glad you visited my blog – so I could find your lovely blog! in addition to all the mouthwatering posts here – am impressed by how pretty you are even with a hair net, how strong you are with giant fish 🙂

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  2. Hi Khadija,

    We haven’t been seeing you for quite some time, and checking your blog for activity – it seems that you haven’t published anything for months? So are you still active?
    Since July 20th we have been publishing at least more than a hundred new post, and I don’t believe you have seen any of them? So are you coming back at a later time? Or should we just stop sending you all these alerts?
    Hope everything is well?

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