MOROCCAN KITCHEN: 6) Tagine and its secrets


Hello friends

Tagine is the traditional dish par excellence in Morocco. It must be said that this magic word is

evacuating the perfumes of Maghreb. It holds its name well from the typical utensil in earth,

surmounted by a conical lid, terracotta sometimes varnished.

A tajine or tagine (طاجين in Arabic) is a preparation of Amazigh origin.

Tagine is a cooking, cooking and serving utensil


Tajine is a mysterious dish that subtly combines spices, with a mixture (specifically Moroccan) of salty and sweet.

Tajine is a simple dish whose success depends essentially on the method of cooking: it must

be slow so that meats or fish, vegetables and spices intermingle their perfumes.

There are two methods to prepare a tajine dish:
A) Fast method: put the meat, a little water, oil, vegetables and spices in the tagine. Then put on low heat.
B) Slow method: heat the empty tagine. Add the oil and reheat. Then add the ognions and sweat them.
Add the meat or poultry and spices and then put the vegetables on. Wet and cook.

Cooked with a basic element (beef, lamb, poultry or fish)

Fish Tajine

tagine de posson 3

Beef tajine with bean

tagine feve2

Tagine of minced meat

tagin nommé

Vegetarian tagine


Vegetarian tagine


Vegetarian tagine


Tajine unglazed healthy and gives delicious dish


Amazigh tagine


Possible to cook a tajine on forno gas. But better on charcoal.




Add the olive oil at the end of cooking



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